Intuitive Coach &
Transformational Facilitator


Jennifer creates, nourishes, and shares safe, sacred space. From a place of deeply grounded presence, she inspires women to reconnect with their inner wise selves.

For the past year, she has awoken to the following mantra: “I recognize my fire within, it is safe to be me.”

In her spiritual journey toward full self-expression she has discovered that while sometimes it may be terrifying; it is, indeed, safe and wondrous to be her. She delights in sharing her message with others and dares to imagine a world where we all feel safe to deeply connect with others from a place of compassionate self-awareness.



Jennifer birthed her business, Mamas Ignite, with the vision of creating a heart-centered world by supporting mothers. She facilitates transformation with creativity, clarity & compassion. Her background in teaching, health coaching, pre/postnatal Pilates, expressive arts, and Motherhood enables her to incorporate a wide variety of tools to invigorate and reconnect body, mind & spirit. Using singing mantra meditations, guided visualization, intuitive painting, conscious breathing and creative movement; she supports women in life transitions as they move through the crossroads and evolve into the next expression of themselves.

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"Jennifer, I felt beyond blessed to have you coach me through a creative art session today. It was freeing to just pull art supplies out of my trunk/handbag and create this little sidewalk masterpiece. The visual and tactile engagement coupled with the sound of the chalk on the cement allowed such a sensory celebration as I chipped away at my creation. And as simplistic as it looks, it speaks volumes to me on a soul level...

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...You have such an awesome skill set and passion to be able to encourage and inspire this artistic healing/release. Felt so 'lifted' after our session today, had to share my testimony and gratitude. Thanks Jennifer!"